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Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight
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What is Sleep Tight?

Sleep is vitally important to support children’s development and well-being. Sleep deprivation affects behaviour, learning, health, mood and the functioning of the whole family. The Sleep Tight programme uses specific behavioural and cognitive techniques to help parents/carers modify night time behaviour.

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Who is Sleep Tight for?

The Sleep Tight programme is suitable for parents/carers of children who are one-year-old and over who are struggling with bedtime routines, their child’s sleeping patterns or bedtime as a whole.

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How can Sleep Tight help me?

The Sleep Tight programme can support you to:

  • Establish why your child isn’t sleeping.
  • Learn about gentle methods to encourage better sleep habits.
  • Consider an improved bedtime routine.
  • Meet other parents/carers in the same situation.
  • Explore useful resources to aid sleep.

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What does the programme cover?

The Sleep Tight programme is delivered over 5 weeks and covers:

  • Understanding sleep cycles
  • Common sleep issues and strategies to manage these
  • Establishing appropriate routines
  • Keeping sleep diaries and interpreting the data
  • Environments

Advice support and Guidance

How can I access support?

Our Sleep Tight programme support is accessible through booking only.

To book onto one of our Sleep Tight programme please contact Early Help on 0115 876 3343 or email [email protected]

Additionally, a Self Referral Booking form can be found below. Once completed, this should be returned to the above email.

Early Help Self Referral Form

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