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The Parenting Team

Dedicated Accredited Parenting Practitioners, that provide bespoke parenting interventions to parents/carers of children aged between 8 to 18 years.

The Parenting Team

The Parenting Team comprises of six dedicated Accredited Parenting Practitioners, that provide a menu of group and/or individual one-to-one bespoke parenting interventions to parents/carers of children aged between 8 to 18 years.

These interventions are delivered either face-to-face or virtually via Zoom or MS Teams.

The following menu of evidence-based group parenting run on a rolling cycle throughout the year. 

  • Triple P  - Parents/Carers of children aged 2 of 12 years
  • Triple P Teen  - Parents/Carers of teenagers up to the age of 16 years
  • Triple P Dad’s (mixture of Triple P & Triple P Teen)
  • Triple P ESOL Group programme for parents/carers who struggle with English as a spoken language and require the use of interpreters in an English-speaking group setting.
  • Triple P Family Transitions aimed at separated Parents/Carers experiencing conflict in their relationship (not domestic abuse)
  • Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) Parents/Carers who experience aggression & violence from their children.
  • Parenting Adolescents with ADHD – developed from work by Thomas T Phelan, founder of the 123 Magic Programme & aimed at children aged 8-16 years
  • Keeping your children safe (aka PACE) – workshop for parents in relation to CSE
  • Caring for Kids Workshop (provides information to parents/carers who misuse drugs or alcohol to safeguard their children).

The Parenting team staff are also trained to deliver the following group programmes that can be delivered upon demand (team capacity permitting).

  • New Forest Parenting Programme (NFFP) (for parents/carers with a child between the ages of 3 and 11 years with moderate to severe symptoms of ADHD).
  • Stronger Families (for families affected by domestic abuse and delivered in conjunction with Juno Women’s Aid).
  • Restorative Parenting (teaches parents/carers how to repair the harm done instead of resorting to punishment or blaming).
  • Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) - 13 week parenting programme, for parents/carers from marginalised communities, including black and minority ethnic parents, teenaged parents and fathers.

In addition to the above evidence-based group programmes, the team also delivers a range of short 2-hour workshops covering the topics including criminal exploitation and grooming, trauma and cyber bullying.

The staff have also received awareness training (Level 1) in Dyadic Development Psychotherapy (DDP) in relation to developmental trauma.

Testimonials from parents:


Thank you for presenting the course to me. I enjoyed it and found it very useful as I noticed changes in my daughter’s behaviour immediately after implementing some of the steps recommended by the Triple P videos/booklet. It was also useful to speak to other parents and experience their problems which further helped me to learn but also made me feel that I am not alone when it comes to raising kids and the issues that come with it. Many thanks again and take care.

Hi, thank you so much for the course. I’ve learnt loads. Me and Emma are getting on really well at the min, she’s so much calmer now she’s at big school, she loves routine. Her anxiety is still really high but she’s no longer hurting/cutting herself when she can’t cope. Thank you again no x

Thank you so much for inviting me to participate in the Triple P programme, The Triple P has really been helpful, it helped me to develop a new way to approach my teenager daughter. Before now, I was helpless and feel frustrated at times. I didn’t know how to manage my daughter’s behaviour or her emotions. I use to ask myself what was going wrong? Communication between both of us was becoming very difficult. But when I joined the Triple P, I see videos, listen to other parents experiences, followed up the course, then I begin to understand my daughter’s behaviour. I really enjoyed the Triple P course, I learned a lot of different strategies on how to managed problems behaviours and build positive relationships with my teenage daughter, how to deal with her emotions, make clear rules, and calm requests and make her know the consequences of her behaviours. Triple P also helped me to work on myself and the know the changes I have to make in me. I feel calmer, more confident and stronger. I still have a lot to do, but it’s better now than before. Triple P course was really positive experience. Thank you so much.

As somebody who has a grown up child with ADHD, I thought the course wouldn’t be useful and would just tick the right boxes to move onto the next step of diagnosis. How wrong was I !! I found it really useful to talk to other parents that are dealing with similar experiences. It helped me to not feel alone. The actual course was really useful in helping me to reflect on how I could handle situations better in the future by making simple changes in my language and reactions. There were some really useful information and tools sent after each session that I’m sure I will find useful in the future. Thanks again.

Participating in the virtual course has been very effective. I have found the course very interesting and helpful. I feel confident I can use the various strategies suggested to help my children. I have found the factual information on causes of ADHD very helpful as I’ve never felt I have been given this information. Course has been delivered clearly and very informative.

It's been a fantastic course, it’s been very helpful to understand what my boys go through on a daily basis and to learn how to help them, we have felt supported by Helen, thank you so much.

I think this has been very helpful and fairly easy to understand, it has helped me to see other ways of dealing with my children. The fact it was done via a video was helpful due to work and family life. Thank you for the support through the whole program 😊

It has been good being able to talk through the children’s behaviours, listen to the advice, then afterwards I have thought about it and now feel that I can manage better than I did before. I found most of the information useful. It has been helpful getting advice from someone (Helen) who knows what she is talking about and can relate this to my own issues. In a way, it has felt like counselling. Talking to someone that doesn’t know me but has taken on board what is happening with me and the kids has felt comfortable. I have not just talked about the kids but also my past life experiences which has helped me reflect and make connections between then and what is happening now. I feel open to new perspectives. I have found that MS Teams has worked well for me to complete these sessions. I am disappointed that the sessions have now ended, as I will not have someone like Helen to talk to and feel comfortable in opening up to.

I am more confident, I have got my confidence back and I understand my son more. My son is no longer angry in the morning and he is responding to the changes we have made. The rewards are changing how we communicate understanding how to give clear calm instructions – all the strategies have helped us. Father - I agree with my wife what she has said it has been good working face-to-face with you in our home and with a good interpreter. We have felt supported, even though I wasn’t sure at the beginning I have enjoyed it.

This is the first real support I have received as a parent. Really good to realise I wasn’t the only one struggling at times and that others can relate to my situation. Really helpful that Hazel leading the sessions also explained she has challenges as a parent with her children, she showed great empathy and understanding. Sessions helped me consider other ways of looking at Nathan’s challenging behaviour and that I can’t tackle everything all at the same time. Many thanks for the opportunity of doing this and to Hazel who did an amazing job of facilitating.

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Introducing the Parenting Team:-

  • Hazel Begg - Parenting Practitioner
  • Angela Crotty - Parenting Practitioner
  • Ruth Bryce - Parenting Practitioner
  • Helen Entwistle - Parenting Practitioner
  • Vicki Gamble - Parenting Practitioner
  • Roger Robb - Parenting Practitioner
  • Jean Faulkner – Parenting Team Supervisor
  • Kirsty Archer – Business Support  

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