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What is the Early Years SEND Home Visiting Team?

We work with children and their families following the Portage Principles. This a way of working with pre-school children who have additional needs to assist their learning and development through play in partnership with families.

What is the Early Years SEND Home Visiting Team?
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Our aims

We aim to support the development of young children‘s play, communication, relationships and full participation in day to day life within the family and wider community. Support offered is based on the principle that parents/carers are key figures in the care and development of their child and we aim to help parent/carers to be confident in this role whatever their child’s needs may be.

EY SEND Pathway Referral Form
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What does a home visit involve?

Your home visitor will visit on a regular basis and each visit will last from an hour to one and a half hours.

During the visit you and your child, together with the home visitor will be involved in play activities to promote learning. There will be time at the end of the session to discuss any concerns and plan for the next visit.


Working with other professionals

We work closely with other services. Joint visits may be arranged with other professionals who are involved with your child.

We may contact other members of your child’s team to gain knowledge, share information and ensure we work in the most effective way for you and your child.

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Parent/carer role

  • Be available for visits as arranged and to be available at the agreed time. 
  • To be involved in helping your child to learn. Working together with your home visitor to support your child. 
  • Sharing your thoughts and ideas during reviews, agreeing next steps and activities to support your child’s learning.

Frequently asked questions

Children with additional needs from birth to four years old who live in Nottingham City.

Yes - we will contact you to let you know when your child is put on the waiting list and then again when a home visitor becomes available to visit.

Yes. As well as home visiting, when you are ready we can also support you to find a nursery place that can meet the needs of your child.

If I could choose only one service to support me it would be home visiting from Early Years.

Before he was only playing with cars now he plays with different toys.

Michael has become more confident and willing to share.

Seeing the improvements in my child, his speech has improved, he has learned to wait for an activity.

It has been amazing, great support and different things to do with Jack.

Early Years SEND Team Leaflet

Early Years SEND Team Leaflet