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Home Learning Environment

Supporting you to help your child learn at home

Children spend the majority of time with their parents at home, with parents being their child's first and most consistent teacher. 

Parents and carers don't always recognise the impact that daily conversations and activities have on their child's language and development. This could be making lunch, going for a walk, doing the washing, playing with pets, having a bath etc.

Here, we hope to raise the confidence of parents and carers that every situation can be a learning experience for their child.

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The Balanced System

The Balanced System® framework is a way of making sure that the right support is available for parents, carers and professionals to help children and young people develop their speech, language and communication. 

The Balanced System® provides information, activities and services for families and professionals to support a child's speech, language and communication. You can create a personalised pathway for your child.

Link to the Balanced System

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The Peep Learning Together Programme

The Peep Learning Together Programme is an evidence-based programme which provides information on child development and supports parents with activities and ideas to do at home. Peep supports parents in making a real difference just by talking, playing, singing and sharing books or activities together. 

Peep sessions typically include:

  • Welcome and Hello song
  • Peep singing time
  • Talk time – a different topic will be covered each session
  • Activities / Free play
  • Story time
  • Parents song choice
  • Goodbye song

To book onto a Peep group please contact us on: 

Telephone: 0115 876 3343

Email: [email protected]

"Before Peep I knew how to help my child, but since I started a Peep group I know lots of things. The Peep group helped me to read a story to my child and do lots of activities at home."

"Peep has built up my confidence and has helped me with meeting new people without feeling anxious. Absolutely great staff! "

"Peep has helped me understand how he is expressing his feelings and emotions with his actions and how I can help him with these. I have learnt different strategies to help his communication and language and it helps me at home with my other children. "

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BBC Tiny Happy People

A chatty child is a happy child, so Tiny Happy People is here to help you develop your child's communication skills through simple interaction and play; talk to your little one from pregnancy - we can show you how and why it's important.

Link to the BBC Tiny Happy People website
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SSBC Big Little Moments

How do the Big Little Moments work?

Children’s brains are made of many different strands. Three of these strands are how they learn to talk, how they feel, and how they make friends. Every time you talk to a child, or respond to them, you’re helping these strands grow strong. And the stronger each strand is, the stronger their brain will be.

All these little moments you share add up to something much bigger. Giving children the skills they need to develop into healthy, bright adults.

Link to Big Little Moments