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Youth Justice Service

Youth Justice Service

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The Youth Justice Service

The Youth Justice Service (YJS) consists of staff from Nottingham City Council, Police, Probation and Health, and is overseen by a partnership Board chaired by the Corporate Director for Children and Adults.  Youth Justice Services are sometimes known as Youth Offending Teams or Youth Offending Services.

The YJS supervises those referred by the Court or Police on a statutory basis, or those that have been referred to work with early intervention services by Police and other partners on a voluntary basis. 

The purpose of the YJS is to prevent offending and reduce re-offending by children and young people.

YJS's key activities involve:

• Assessing the likelihood of re-offending, the risk of causing harm, and the level of safety and wellbeing concerns posed by children and young people
• Planning and managing interventions to reduce these risks
• Strengthening protective factors against further offending
• Ensuring that children and young people completing YJS interventions have access to the full range of services to help their life chances
• Ensuring that interventions with children and young people take account of and understand the victims and communities affected by their offending
Early intervention Targeted Youth Support (TYS) interventions: 

• Identifying children and young people at risk of becoming involved in offending, and ensuring that interventions are provided either directly, or by partners and commissioned services to address needs
• Share resources, skills, and knowledge to build capacity to deal with children and young people earlier and more effectively within universal services

For more information about Nottingham City Youth Justice Services click on the link below: 

Or contact the Youth Justice Services directly at: [email protected]