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Domestic Abuse support

Advice, information and support in relation to Domestic Abuse can be found here

Domestic Abuse support

J9 Logo

J9 Domestic Abuse Initiative

The J9 Domestic Abuse Initiative aims to raise awareness of domestic abuse and assist survivors to access support safely by training professionals and members of the community to recognise domestic abuse and respond to survivors. Once J9 trained, the J9 logo is displayed, letting survivors know that they have a safe place to access information and use a telephone to contact support services. 
So many survivors say that they never got the chance to tell someone because it wasn't safe. It's not always easy to know who to contact, where to go and what your options are. Coercive control is a factor in many abusive relationships and perpetrators of abuse will actively shut down opportunities for survivors to access support. J9 opens those doors to support and creates a network of safe places for survivors to speak out and get help.

The J9 Domestic Abuse Initiative is named in memory of Janine Mundy, a mother of two who was killed by her estranged husband whilst he was on Police bail. Janine used to sign her text messages J9, hence its name. The initiative was started by her family and the local police in Cambourne, Cornwall, where she lived. 

Where the J9 logo is displayed it alerts victims that they can obtain information which will help them to access a safe place where they can seek information and the use of a telephone to call the police or local support service.

Every Jobcentre in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Rutland are all J9 safe spaces.

Survivors can access the use of a telephone, signposting to services and a safe space to disclose. Each Jobcentre has trained male and female Domestic Abuse Specialists.

More information about the J9 initiative can be found here: J9 Initiative | Safer Places

Please see below for a list of organisations offering support to survivors of sexual abuse or domestic abuse.


Nottinghamshire Sexual Violence Support Services

Notts SVS Services is a registered Independent Charity that has been supporting survivors of sexual violence for over 35 years in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.  If you are aged 18+ and have experienced rape, sexual violence or childhood sexual abuse, either recently or in the past then Notts SVSS can help you.

You can talk to someone about your experiences or if you are concerned about a friend, partner or family member then please get in touch.

You can phone their helpline on 0115 941 0440


Notts SVS Services Website

Imara - Empowering children and families to move forward from the impacts of sexual and domestic abuse.

Imara is an independent specialist service that supports children, young people and their safe family members following a disclosure or discovery of child sexual abuse or domestic abuse. They are a charity and all of their services are free to access. 

Imara is the chosen provider commissioned by Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner of Nottinghamshire’s CHISVA Service (Children and Young People’s Independent Sexual Violence Advisor) which provides support and advocacy throughout the criminal justice process

You can contact Imara by calling on 0115 752 6083 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Imara website

Hands of Rescue

Hands of Rescue offers support to those who are experiencing issues such as domestic abuse, school bullying, and human trafficking. 

Some of the services offered by them are:

  • Supporting women, men and children who are Domestic Violence survivors.
  • bereavement counselling services.
  • Representing vulnerable individuals who have experienced Domestic Violence in court.
  • Empowerment workshops for survivors of Domestic Violence

For more information, call on 0800 009 61553 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Hands of Rescue website


Domestic Abuse Recovering Together (DART)      

(Information for mothers)

Working together to support you and your child

We understand that now is a difficult time for you because you may be dealing with your own feelings. And we believe that you have a vital role to play in supporting your child following their experience of domestic abuse. Children often need time to make sense of the work we are doing. To keep on top of things, it will be helpful if you let us know about your child’s reaction to the work, or about any changes in their behaviour or about any other significant events. This’ll help us to work together, getting better support to you both.

Where to get support

If you have any worries about a child, the NSPCC helpline offers advice and support 24 hours a day. You don’t have to say who you are. And the sooner you call, the sooner it’s off your mind. Call 0808 800 5000 or email [email protected]


(A guide for children)

What to do if you’re unhappy

We hope that you enjoy coming to DART and find it helpful. Our workers will try to help you in a way that feels OK for you. If you’re worried about something, it’s best to talk to the person who’s working with you – they’ll listen and try to sort things out quickly. But if you’re still unhappy, tell the person you spoke to and they’ll arrange for you to see their manager. We will do all we can to put things right as soon as possible.

Need to talk?

Childline is here for you If you feel you need to talk, Childline is here to listen. It’s a free, confidential helpline for young people and it’s available 24/7 – online at and on the phone: 0800 1111


For more information, please see the DART leaflets below.

Dart - Children / Mothers Leaflet

Leaflet providing information around domestic abuse

Dart - Children / Young Peoples Leaflet

Leaflet providing information around domestic abuse