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05 Jun 2024

Linda’s story

Find out how we supported Linda with Early Help

‘I felt like no one listened to me. I was trying to get support for my children, and everyone was brushing me off. Basically, I’ve have been suffering really bad with mental health and depression.

When the school first suggested I could get help from Supporting Families I was really nervous.  At my first meeting I was shaking and twiddling and didn’t know what to say or what they would think of me.  When Supporting Families got involved, they were there for my children and for me. They offered to try and help sort out an appointment with my Doctor, but I managed to do it myself. He changed my meds which were better at first. 

They made me feel comfortable and they don’t talk down to you and you can feel they are there to help and when you are making progress they encourage you e.g. when I reach a target on my plan.

We did an action plan with school based on things I needed to do and how they could help me.  They joined my children’s teachers in the meeting for additional information.

They helped me with different things like a referral to the Behaviour and Mental Health Team (BEHT) for my child.  I had put in a request to see a paediatrician when he was in year 4. Now he is in year 6.  Alison helped to get the BEHT referral done and now he has been seen and I’m waiting for the results. I’ve gone from hearing nothing to hearing something.

Monica navigated me through the benefit system and supported me through my phone calls. Julia helped me complete my forms and helped keep me on track with all my forms and supported me with my health information.

I’ve seen a lot of changes and I’ve ticked off many boxes on my action plan and am trying to get help for my other child as he doesn’t know how to control or understand his emotions, like he doesn’t feel anything when he hurts someone.  They have helped me do a referral for him too.

I’ve put Supporting Families through to a lot of my friends already, saying I think they could help and support them like if they are struggling with their mental health.

I feel I am finally being listened to whereas before it felt like no wanted to listen and no one wanted to help’.

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